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The Couple

Stephanye and Shane – what a couple! Their love was palpable, and they radiated joy and happiness whenever they were together. Despite Shane’s initial shyness, I knew that with my skills and passion, I could capture their love in a way that would make them both feel confident and beautiful. And I did just that! With my guidance and expertise, I helped Shane see how truly photogenic he was and captured the magic of their love in every single photo. Their bond was so enchanting that it was impossible not to fall in love with them when viewing their pictures. Stephanye and Shane teach us all that love knows no boundaries.

The setting

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the backwoods of Maine, you will find the charming Tea Pond Lodge. This idyllic venue, surrounded by nature’s beauty, set the perfect stage for Stephanie and Shane’s fall wedding. With its cozy and intimate ambiance, Tea Pond Lodge created a warm and inviting atmosphere that made all the guests feel at home. The stunning views of the fiery autumn foliage provided a breathtaking backdrop for their special day, creating an unforgettable experience and the most stunning wedding day. The lodge’s rustic elegance and its serene surroundings made the wedding an unmatchable and distinctive event.  Detailed with touches of burgundy, lace, and antlers. The day was woodsy yet elegant. 

The Wedding

Surrounded by the majestic trees and pristine beauty of nature, the couple stood together in a breathtakingly serene location that was simply perfect for their marriage ceremony. The idyllic setting offered a sense of peacefulness and tranquility that encompassed all who were fortunate enough to witness the occasion. As the bride and groom exchanged heartfelt vows, the sunlight filtered gently through the trees, casting dappled shadows across the ground, adding an ethereal quality to the ceremony. It was as though the very elements of nature had conspired to make this moment as special and magical as it could possibly be. The couple stood hand in hand, their love radiating as they made their commitment to one another in this idyllic and unforgettable woodland sanctuary. For a beautiful New Hampshire wedding Click Here

The Vendors

Venue and Catering: Tea Pond Lodge and Cabins 
DJ: Greg Thibeault 
Cake/cupcakes: Linda Gelinas
Dress alterations: Linda Gelinas
Rings: Gold Works in Auburn
Flowers and decor: Stephanye Dress skirt: AandMEnterprises on Etsy
Bridesmaids’ outfits: Azazie
Men’s outfits: Various

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