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Flawless Engagement photos are just a few tips away!

 Number one- Have Fun: I know that can seem like a hard thing to do since most people do not like getting in front of the camera. But this session should first and foremost be about you two and your connection.  Your session will be less about the camera and more about having a fun evening together.  Fun and Confidence go hand in hand. 

Number Two- Here Comes The Sun: Weather plays a huge factor in the success of your engagement photos. Of course we can’t control the weather, but we can make all the plans based on what we hope the weather will be.  Golden hour is last hour of daylight and the most beautiful time of the day. The lighting is just perfect for photos and so beautiful. 

Earlier in the day the lighting can be much harsher with the sun directly overhead. It can cause squinting and harsh shadows.  Overcast days is great lighting as well, but let’s plan for success and sunny skies! 

Number Three- Ready for your Close Up: Consider heading to the salon for your makeup test run.  The camera can wash you out a little so don’t worry if the makeup is a little more saturated than what your use to.  If you haven’t done your trial run with your wedding day stylist, you can kill two birds with one stone!  

Number Four- Attention to Details:

Paying attention to the little details, like making sure your clothes are freshly ironed is always helpful. A lot can be done with photoshop but it’s much better to get it right in the first place.  I as much as I like to hone my photoshop skills, it’s so nice to not have to put it to the test. 

Tip Five- Speak Up: If there is something you are self conscious about let me know ahead of time. There are things we can do to help you if I know ahead of time. If it’s your arms I can advise you on things to wear that will flatter them, make sure we pose them in the more flattering way.  Not every pose will totally hide what you don’t love. Because so many photos will be the two of you having fun, laughing, candid moments.  But if I’m aware of what you don’t love I can do my best to pose you as flattering as possible!  Clothing can play a big roll in helping you feel confident. So wear what makes you feel amazing! 

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